Why Choose Cam-Mac?

Trust, Reliability, Kindness and Experience…

…Cam-Mac Pools is synonymous with those four words as we take pride in maintaining a very high standard for our work and professionalism. Since our inception, Cam-Mac’s goal has been to make sure that our customers feel listened to, respected, and assured they can trust our expertise when it comes to any of their swimming pools needs.

Customer service is of utmost importance.
we value our customers and our customers value us.

“Trust, reliability, kindness, experience”; these are our core values that makes Cam-Mac Pools stand out from our competitors and are the pillars that have built Cam-Mac’s success and reputation over the past 40 years.

Once a Cam-Mac Pool, always a Cam-Mac Pool.

Cam-Mac is full service provider, once we build a pool we don’t leave our customers high-and-dry (or wet). Because of this, we are proud to say that we still have original customers from when we first started the business 40 years ago and maintain their pools to this day - a true testament to the value Cam-Mac brings.


Super friendly family run business. I often go in to have my pool water tested and they are very knowledgeable and helpful with that. I never feel pressured that I have to buy something when I go in for a water test, which is really nice because I need my water tested more often than I need to buy chemicals. But since they are so friendly and nice I exclusively buy all my chemicals from here when I need them. - Scott Onuczko
— Google
Cam-Mac rules! Did a fantastic job on our pool very quickly and for a wicked price!
Call them for sure! - B. Fedun
— Google
Just want to say how absolutely impressed [I am] with this family run pool business. From the moment I walked in the door I was treated with a kind smile, respect, and was given the time and attention I needed to state my needs...obviously, the company has held true to the ethical and respectful treatment of their customers, taught well by Bill. I would STRONGLY recommend Cam Mac Pools... - William Chabaniuk
— Google