A cover for your swimming pool is a necessity. Not only will a cover help reduce water, heat and chemical loss, it also allows you to spend more time enjoying your pool, instead of cleaning it! Let us help you find the right cover for you!


Automatic Cover

Superior safety
and convenience!

One touch opens or closes the pool cover; it's fully automatic and takes only minutes to work. The Fox Automatic Pool Cover comes with a 20 year limited warranty on the mechanical system, and a 7 year limited warranty on the cover fabric. Can be installed under pool decking with new pool builds or can be retrofitted on top on an existing pool deck.


Solar Blanket

Cost Efficient, Easy to usE and easy to install.

A solar pool cover, also known as a solar blanket, helps keep your outdoor pool warm for less money. Solar blankets are lightweight, allowing you to place it easily on the surface of the water. Many pool owners also choose to install a reel to pull the blanket back, and for easy storage.

Pool & Patio Enclosures

Retractable pool and patio covers made to order right here in Canada!

Extend your pool season well into the colder months with a complete pool enclosure by Abri Design Cover. Choose from three height options to best suit your needs; full pool and/or patio coverage allows use of your pool no matter rain, sleet, snow or shine.

Winter Covers


Mesh Safety Cover

The utmost protection
for your investment.

Fox Safety Covers are made from tough, durable polyporpylene mesh for lasting security and safety. They meet or exceed ASTM safety performance standards. Available in a variety of colors and materials, this cover comes with a 10 year limited warranty.


Lock-In Cover

Custom Made To your
pool shape and size.

The Fox Lock-In Cover locks into your pool's coping below the deck. No water bags or deck clutter! Made with 12 mil vinyl, this 3 year limited warranty cover will keep your pool protected all winter long.


Tarp Cover w/Water Bags

the most economical
way to winterize your pool

A tarp with water bags can be installed on any pool with a deck. Our water bags are made to withstand sub-zero temperatures and will hold the tarp in place to protect your pool from snow and falling debris all winter season.