To get the most out of your investment, it is important to keep your pool maintained and the system running at its best to allow more swim time and to extend the life of your pool system as replacement parts and materials can be costly. While there are certain things you’ll be able to do yourself, there will be times when contracting a professional is necessary. Below is a list of services we provide:


Free Water Analysis

(In-store only)
Cam-Mac uses the WaterLink® Spin Touch™ photometer for all our customers’ pool and spa water tests. Get precise treatment recommendations in just 60 seconds!

Pool Opening/Pool Closing

Get an early start to your pool this season by booking a pool opening with Cam-Mac and let us get your swimming pool ready for the summer!

  • Remove winter cover (if required)

  • Start the filtration system

  • Check for leaks or any other visible problems

  • Re-installation of handrails, ladders and lights (if required)

  • Chemical treatment (chlorine shock and algaecide)

Our closing services will protect your pool from damage due to freezing water and keep it as clean as possible for the next season. Having your swimming pool closed by Cam-Mac will provide you with the highest level of protection against harsh winter conditions.

  • Drain water from pipes, flush pipes with antifreeze

  • Removal of handrails, ladders and lights (if required)

  • Drain filter/remove cartridges, turn off heater and salt system

  • Skimmer protection

  • Chemical treatment (chlorine shock and algaecide)

  • Install winter cover (if required)

  • Winter preparation of waterfalls, deck-jets, fountains, etc.

  • Cleaning and in-shop storage of filter cartridges and salt cells

Pool System Equipment Installation

Cam-Mac provides pool equipment installation and guarantees professional service in a timely and efficient manner. We select and install the right equipment for your pool as well as offer service work for everything we install. Our installation services include:

  • Vinyl liner installation

  • Solar blanket installation

  • Auto-cover installation

  • Installation and service on salt generators

  • Installation and service on water pumps

  • Installation and service on heaters

  • Installation and service on sand filters and cartridge filters

Pool System Equipment Replacement and Repairs

Taking good care of your pool is extremely important. If you notice any disturbances with your pool equipment, be sure to book your service appointment with Cam-Mac today! We do:

  • Pump repair and replacement

  • Heater repair and replacement

  • Sand filter and cartridge filter repair and replacement

  • Skimmer replacement

  • Vinyl liner replacement

  • Coping replacement

  • Power cover repair